Rihanna blew the roof off with her electrifying Super Bowl Halftime show

Jacob Roberson

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Every year, many people look forward to the Super Bowl. Some are super excited for the game, others the commercials, but, quite possibly, the most memorable thing each year is the halftime show.  

The NFL has a different artist or multiple artists perform at halftime during the Super Bowl. This year, superstar singer Rihanna was performing. Many fans were looking forward to this performance. Rihanna sang some of her most popular songs including:“B- Better Have My Money,” “Where Have You Been,” “Only Girl (In the World),” “Diamonds” and a mash-up of “S&M” and “Rude Boy.” 

According to boston.com, “Rihanna didn’t bring out any special guests, but tipped her proverbial hat to past collaborators, performing choruses she sang in DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts,” Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” and Jay-Z’s “Run This Town.” 

Many all around the world loved her performance in which she started on an elevated platform. She was slowly lowered down to the ground and sang as the crowd roared. She wore a giant red outfit and coat, while her backup dancers wore white snowsuits, in the Arizona heat. 

Rihanna performed all these songs while pregnant, and for many, this was the first-time hearing of her pregnancy. She announced the pregnancy with rapper ASAP Rocky in January.  

According to yahoo.com, “Rihanna will be announcing a tour right after the Super Bowl. Not that she needs a Halftime Show to boost ticket sales.”  

The Super Bowl halftime show was 15 minutes long with very complicated choreography included. This was the perfect way to have a break from the game to get to watch an amazing performance.  

This halftime show will be remembered for years to come, and many may even look at this as their favorite Super Bowl halftime show.