The Eagle Lightning Dance Team fought to keep it’s legacy going

Grace Rasmussen, Photographer

The Eagle High Lightning Dance Team has won State six years in a row and was looking for another one to put in the books. But those titles don’t just come without a little bit of grit, determination and teamwork from all athletes. A few girls expressed how they did leading up to State and how their experience at the competition was.

People came to support members, senior Sicily Smith and senior Edie Hurst of the Eagle Lightning Dance Team. (Grace Rasmussen)

“We have spent hours on end cleaning and perfecting our dances, so we are as ready as we can be,” said junior Lily Shipp prior to competing. “We have all worked so hard for each other and worked together as a team.” She then went on to say that no matter what happened, she just wanted to put everything out on that dance floor and hoped that all their hard work had paid off.

The team is a group of dancers who are passionate about their craft, and their biggest competition was Owyhee High going into state. Over the past year, both teams have been working harder than ever for this very competition. They wanted to go onto that dance floor and remember, whether they won or lost, that they have their teammates by each other’s side. The Eagle High girls fought long and hard and ended up getting runner up overall behind Owyhee High. They also placed first in the kick division.

The year is coming to a close for senior Brecken Hardy. “One of my favorite things about this season is getting to know the younger classmen at team dinners and spending all day together at competitions,” she said. Brecken has competed for the team all four years and has left a strong impact on the younger girls.

Overall, it was a very successful season for these girls. In April, the girls have the opportunity to go to Nationals in California to compete against some of the best teams in the country. This team has spent countless hours practicing and perfecting the thing they love to do. Even though the team did not get first, the girls had good attitudes and had fun being together as a team, and that is all they can ask for.