Acts of Love warmed the hearts of Eagle High students


Grace Rasmussen

Sophomore Grant Glenn and junior Nate Collins asked for a picture with the Eagle Lightning Dance Team at the Acts of Love Assembly.

Valerie Chaves, Photographer

On Valentine’s Day, the Acts of Love Assembly was held at Eagle High. Acts of Love is an event put on by STUCO, and this year they went to great lengths to bring contentment and satisfaction.  

“It was a feel-good day,” said sophomore Natalie Patterson, member of STUCO. “It was a day that EHS could share happiness to everyone and it’s super cool to see all the inclusion at our school.” 

This year, many wishes were granted, and the emphasis of the assembly was to connect all students. All these wishes were highly valued and helped create memories. 

Although it is a celebration for many wishes to come true, many people believe that it did not surpass last year. According to the students, they did not grant as many wishes as last year. Even so, it should be noted that within the event there were many good wishes. 

“It was a really fun assembly,” said junior Claudia Giannoble. “In my opinion, not as good as last year, but anyways, I think the idea is great and there were many wishes that I liked.” 

Others really like it, and here are some of the students’ favorite Acts of Love wishes: 

“I liked it. I would say my favorite act was when they gave the Olaf to one of the special kids. That was very sweet,” said senior Marina Chavez. 

“It was really funny the guy that got a guitar,” said senior Jenna Rios. 

“I really liked the basketball game; it was fun to watch. They were really good,” said senior Maya Archibald. 

The Acts of Love Assembly had many wishes that will be remembered and will make this event more special each year.