The careers of some well-known athletes are coming to an end

The NFL has a collection of excellent athletes, although a few of the greatest are heading into retirement


Liv Baker

The crowd of fans stands for the national anthem at a Las Vegas Raiders’ game.

Aidan Mattingly, Media

NFL legacies are coming to an end as new generations are born. Athletes eventually have to retire and will be recognized as legends forever. Long-time NFL starters such as Tom Brady, A.J. Green and JJ Watt have announced their retirement after being well-known by fans across the country.

Brady is a player who a lot of people are familiar with. He was drafted 199th overall in the 2000 NFL draft and played for 23 seasons. He holds numerous awards and records, such as the multiple MVP awards and the six Super Bowls he has won.

After a long run of success, Brady has officially retired after coming back from retirement on March 13, 2022.

According to, “Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who retired briefly last offseason, has announced his final retirement. He took to social media to film a heartfelt video to announce it.”

Another excellent athlete, Watt, decided earlier in the season that 2022 would be his last year and that he would pursue the remaining games with gratitude. Watt, similar to Brady, has earned many awards and records – although Watt has never made it to the Super Bowl through his career.

The reason behind Watt’s retirement was largely pointed toward his personal life, such as spending time with his wife Kealia, and his daughter Koa.

According to, “He genuinely wants to spend time with Koa and it was really hard for him because he was really pulled in two directions.”

One other great NFL star is wide receiver Green, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals for a decade after being signed by the Arizona Cardinals for the last two years of his career. The 34-year-old spent 12 seasons creating his strong presence among the other pros in the league.

Green was done playing football, and his production in the league was on the decline. His age was finally getting to him, so he had no other choice.

Many of these retired players just can’t wait to wake up in retirement and root for their old-beloved teams again, this time, with the comfort of their family and friends.