The 2023 NFL Pro Bowl was one to remember

The NFL changed the Pro Bowl from a tackle game to a flag football game

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

This year, the Pro Bowl was different than ever before. It took place in Las Vegas on Feb. 5th.

According to, “The league announced in September that they’ll do away with the traditional Pro Bowl game and replace it with a series of skills competitions with a non-contact flag football game at the end of the week.”

The NFL decided to change it in an attempt to limit injury in a “meaningless” game. Some fans believe it was a good change, while others believe it was unnecessary.

According to, “The skills-competition aspect isn’t new, but the NFL has expanded that part of the week. Some of the new offerings this year: A longest tee shot contest and a lightning round that consists of a three-part elimination challenge are among the nine separate skills competitions players will participate in.”

The Pro Bowl consists of the hands competition, the gridiron, the game and many other things. A fan favorite seems to be dodgeball. In the dodgeball game, the AFC faces off against the NFC.

Many fans came out to watch their favorite players at the Pro Bowl. (Aren Monk)

Another favorite seems to be the hands competition. The winner of the hands competition this year was the Lions’ wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown. Brown is a rookie who broke out this year and has the chance at offensive rookie of the year.

This year, the coaches of the Pro Bowl were former quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning. These brothers coached against each other, and it was very entertaining. Eli Manning coached the NFC while Peyton Manning coached the AFC. They played three games of flag football, and every game was full of action. The players seemed to enjoy the change of pace.

Instead of the normal 11 people on offense and 11 on defense, this game was played without seven players on offense and seven players on defense. The NFC won two of the three flag football games to win the pro bowl. Justin Jefferson was seen waving off Manning after the victory.

This Pro Bowl will always be the first time the NFL tried out the flag football rules. Many are eager to see what is added for future Pro Bowl games. The AFC vs. NFC rivalry can continue for many years to come. The only difference is now all the players will be able to stay healthy. This game will be remembered for a long time to come.