What are the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day?

Which movie will top the list?


Audrey Splaine

There are many fun movies to watch for Valentine’s Day. People can grab their favorite treat and snuggle down with a movie and their date.

Aren Monk, Reporter

The day of love is the go-to day to watch a movie with a special someone. Romance movies are one of the movies to watch on Valentine’s Day and have been a holiday staple for many years.

According to theodysseyonline.com, “It’s impossible to watch two people fall in love and not get wrapped up in the magic of it all. Even the bitterest heart finds itself thawing when immersed in a good rom-com.” Romance movies are great to watch on Valentine’s Day, and many people agree.

These are some of the best romance movies out right now:

  1. “Crazy Rich Asians”

According to imbd.com, “this contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Racheal Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.”

This movie has a metascore of 74 which is very highly rated for a romantic comedy movie. “Crazy Rich Asians” is a great movie to watch with and without a loved one. Watching this movie is a great way to relax on Valentine’s Day. It is great to watch when you are with someone or without.

  1. “A Star is Born”

“A Star is Born” features the likes of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starring in the film. The story of the film is about an old musician helps who a talented up and coming singer find her fame. His career is heading in a downward spiral. A star is born is also a great movie, although it is rated R so you might have to watch this with an adult. This romance movie also received an 88 metascore.

  1. “Casablanca”

“Casablanca” is the story of two lovers during the time of World War 2. This film is excellent for a family to watch as well. The movie stars Humphrey Bogart, a great actor in his time. “Casablanca” has many layers in the film, and some include iconic quotes in the movie as well. “Casablanca” first came out in the 1940’s and the movie has been a cult classic since.

These movies are many people’s personal favorite movies to this day. More and more people will be watching romance movies coming up. So, make sure the best films are the last because this will be a great Valentine’s Day if you do watch these movies.