A look into the 2023 MLB Power Rankings


Avery Hassman

Baseball fans are excited for the upcoming season thanks to the MLB power rankings.

Many teams made huge moves in the off-season. All these teams are chasing the coveted World Series trophy. There are many teams that have a good chance, but these are the top five. 

1. The Houston Astros 

The Astros are the reigning World Series Champs and look like the top team for the upcoming season.  

According MLB.com, “[The Astros] won the AL West in five of the past six seasons (with the COVID-shortened 2020 season being the lone exception) and just turned in a 106-win season followed by cruising through the postseason with an 11-2 record on their way to winning the World Series.” The Astros kept many of their players and went out and signed all-star Jose Abreu. Many of the Astros pitchers are ground ball pitchers so it will be interesting to see how the shift ban will affect them. 

2. The New York Mets 

The Mets might have had the craziest off-season. Their pitching staff is considered to be a top three rotation. The Mets spent big money this off-season and are looking to bring a title back to New York. Many believe if the Mets were able to hold on to Carlos Correa, they would be a World Series lock. 

3. The San Diego Padres 

The Padres were another team to make an off-season splash. They tried to sign many free agents but ended up with star shortstop Xander Bogaerts. After making moves at the deadline for Juan Soto and Josh Hader last season, they seem to be another strong contender for the fall classic.  

According to MLB.com, “San Diego figures to have one of the most potent offenses in the Majors next season, especially if Juan Soto settles in and returns to being one of the best hitters on the planet.” 

4. The Atlanta Braves 

The Braves did not make many moves, but are still a powerhouse team. The Braves need their players to stay healthy. One of the reasons that the Braves fell short this year is because of injury problems. They had these problems with pitchers and star centerfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. 

5. The Seattle Mariners 

Although some may argue that this is too high for the Mariners, there is many reasons that this is the right spot. The Mariners are a young ball club with a promising future and stars. The Mariners have made off-season moves that make them a dangerous for any ball club. Led by power bats and a good pitching staff, the Mariners look to stir the pot this year.