Is the lottery rigged?

Lottery tickets are sold at almost every gas station and family market.

Izzy Rios

Lottery tickets are sold at almost every gas station and family market.

Kamden Hurren, Reporter

The lottery is the ultimate “fool’s gold” because people always feel like they can win but they can never win by scratching tickets to become a hopeful billionare. 

A major scandal recently rocked the Mulit-State Lottery Association, resulting in jail time for a former security director who allegedly fixed an Iowa game to win the 16.5-million-dollar jackpot. The person in question, Edward Tipton, allegedly used his security guard position to his advantage, installing undetectable, self-destruction software to rig the numbers in his favor. 

The odds of someone in Idaho fixing the lottery in their favor are low. But even then, one’s chances of winning the lottery are as low as one in a million or possibly one in a billion as more people have started to gain interest in the lottery. The odds of one not winning the lottery is dependent on the size and number of entries in the lottery. The bigger the lottery, the harder it will be to win. 

The best part about any lottery is scratching off a ticket to see if any money has been won at all. 

 “When my parents buy my family lottery tickets, it’s the best time because we never win but it is just so much fun,” said junior Griffin Griggs.

The scariest parts about being a possible winner of the lottery is: one, what will winners do with the money and two, how can they save their money and be smart with it? 

“If I won the lottery, I would save money for college and my future, but I would definitely splurge on myself and get my dream car,” Griggs said. 

According to, “About one-third of all lottery winners will end up bankrupt. People who go bankrupt have a tough time managing their money, and they can get real depressed cause of all the overwhelming stress and request from family members.” 

There is no objective evidence of the lottery being rigged in someone’s favor. There are instances where people who work with lottery fix it to their favor, and in most cases, it’s a very low chance of it happening.