Here are 35 date ideas to do in Idaho


McCall Pugh

Junior Liv Manning and junior Cole Pugh love to get outside and go on hiking dates.

Jessie Snooks, Photographer

During the teenage dating years, sometimes it is hard to come up with fun dates. There are many opportunities for enjoyable dates in Idaho, but when the time comes to plan one, often it is hard to come up with ideas. Here are 35 fun, but somewhat affordable, date ideas for teens in Idaho. 

  1. Go roller skating. 
  2. Go get snow cones in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter. 
  3. Go bowling. 
  4. Make a fancy dinner together. 
  5. Watch a movie. 
  6. Go on hike. 
  7. Go snowshoeing. 
  8. Paddleboard. 
  9. Go skiing. 
  10. Go tubing. 
  11. Go sledding. 
  12. Go swimming. 
  13. Relaxing in a hot tub. 
  14. Attend a rodeo. 
  15. Go to a driving range. 
  16. Have a picnic and paint a picture. 
  17. Get food and watch the sunset.  
  18. Pretend to be a tourist for a day in one’s hometown. 
  19. Go for a car ride while listening to each other’s favorite songs. 
  20. Go to McCall for the day. 
  21. Ice skate. 
  22. Play mini golf. 
  23. Have a breakfast date. 
  24. 4-wheel up a mountain and set up a picnic at the top. 
  25. Paint pottery. 
  26. Go to a country dance night. 
  27. Have a Nerf gun war. 
  28. Go hammocking. 
  29. Huddle around a campfire and roast marshmallows. 
  30. Go fishing. 
  31. Bike on the Greenbelt. 
  32. Go to a hot springs. 
  33. Paint pictures of each other. 
  34. Make heart-shaped pizza together. 
  35. Go flower picking.