The girls are wrestling their way to the top

Eagle High girls’ wrestling is dominating competition


Sean Asay

With wrestling now in season, it will be interesting to see the results of the girls’ wrestling team.

Leah Barnes, Copy Editor

Eagle High takes pride in its athletic teams. From football to soccer to basketball, teams are constantly taking headlines across Idaho. However, there is one team that flies under the radar wrongfully unnoticed, and that’s wrestling – more specifically, girls’ wrestling. 

So far this year, they have come home with three first place team titles. Freshman Tommy Stone, junior Holland Wieber, seniors Reece and Olivia Woods, sophomore Emry Woods and junior Jordynn LeBeau consistently place in the top five places at tournaments.  

Not only is the team highly competitive at tournaments, but they also have fun competing. 

“Tournaments are a lot of fun,” said LeBeau. “We have really good chemistry.” 

Many on the team, including LeBeau, play rugby as their main sport and use wrestling to stay in shape during the off-season. 

“I want to go to college for rugby,” LeBeau said. Wrestling is her way to not only stay in shape, but also remain connected with those on her rugby team. 

In addition to the team’s success, members are also excited because wrestling is finally becoming a sanctioned sport at Eagle High.  

“It’s becoming more popular, and we are winning,” LeBeau said. This success will get more Eagle High students excited about the sport. 

“I think that girls at our school should start thinking about going out of their comfort zone to play more male-dominated sports like wrestling,” LeBeau said. She and the rest of her team are beginning to inspire other female athletes at Eagle High to be unafraid to pursue wrestling.