Rachel McEwen brings kindness, belonging and organization to Eagle High’s main office


Jessie Snooks

Rachel McEwen brings so much joy to the front office.

Julia Denton, Reporter

The amount of people it takes to run a high school in an effective way is more than most people think. One of the most important places in the school is the main office. This is the hub where all the action meets together. From students to parents to teachers, the main office is always filled with questions, phone calls and chaos, making it pertinent that the person in charge of the office is organized and good under pressure.  

Head Secretary Rachel McEwen not only has these attributes, but also adds a sense of warmth and kindness that makes visiting the main office a more enjoyable experience. McEwan was previously the part-time assistant secretary but stepped up to the job this year when there was an opening.  

“I was the assistant secretary last year and I made my decision to take the head secretary job after talking to principal Susan McInerny,” McEwen said. “It has been the best decision I have made.” 

McEwen loves the community of Eagle High and has enjoyed playing a larger role this year.  

“My favorite part of this job has definitely been the constant movement in the office with students and staff,” she said. “It’s been great to work in an environment that is so positive and uplifting.”  

What makes a school special and unique is the people who run it. McEwen is no exception to this as she has worked hard to make Eagle High a better and more welcoming place to all students, staff and parents.  

“[McEwen] is such a nice and welcoming person,” said senior Elena Fisk. “She makes me feel appreciated and glad to be at school.” Fisk has been an office aid for the past year and has loved getting to spend time in the office with McEwen and the other office secretaries and administrators.  

Eagle High is a unique school that strives to be a welcoming and safe space for all students. The staff at Eagle High are incredible and work hard to ensure that these values and goals are instilled. McEwen is a clear-cut example of what a staff member should be. She always makes an effort to show understanding, grace and kindness to students while still maintaining the boundaries and rules needed to make a school run smoothly. McEwen plays a vital role in the heart of the school, and she is extremely appreciated by the whole of the Eagle High community.