Students should get more snow days

Schools need to reevaluate the ways in which they determine snow days


Jessie Snooks

Snow days should happen more often since many students don’t know or feel safe driving after it has snowed.

Aren Monk, Reporter

School districts around the U.S. have been very stubborn with their snow day decisions. There are many people who would argue that when it snows, that does not make it harder to drive to school, but others would disagree. 

Snowfall can vary based on where people live in Eagle; some might live in a flatter area where there would be less snowfall, but there are also some that live up in the hills or mountains. Which makes driving very difficult due to more snow in their area and having to drive downhill. 

According to, “Boise’s average days of snows is 19.4 days a year, and Boise gets an average of 19.2 inches or 48.8 centimeters. With that in mind, when it does snows, there will usually be around an inch. This does not seem like a large amount, but considering snow freezing on the roads, it can become a problem.”

Depending on the route to school, many will take longer to get to school when there is a lot of snow on the ground.  The safe thing to do when there is snow on the ground is to drive slowly and many students are late because of that.  

According to, “More new snowfall across Idaho today, with places like Mica Creek receiving up to 4′ of new snowfall, raising snowpack levels up to 31.’ Snowpack levels across the state are currently 157% of normal with 106 locations reporting. Deepest snowpack in Idaho was last observed at Schweitzer Basin reporting a snowpack depth of 59,’ about 113% of normal when compared to their 48′ average depth for this time of year.” 

Students stay inside avoiding the cold weather after a snowy night. (Jessie Snooks)

 The ice on the road causes a huge issue as well. Many people need to drive slowly because their cars are not very suited for the icy roads. Many students also don’t have the money to be cars that suit the snow better and need to drive more carefully.  

Schools all over the United States should have a more flexible understanding of snow and snow days. Schools should allow more snow days to help students and parents.