Senior project group aims to put on a basketball event for Special Olympic athletes


Ivan Warner

Five seniors, including Aysha Peery, have come together for their senior project which is focused on helping kids with special needs get into the Paralympics.

Julia Denton, Reporter

This year at Eagle High, senior students have been tasked with doing a community service event for their senior projects. The project is called “Campaign for Change” to encompass the meaning of getting Eagle High seniors out trying to make their communities a better place. Every group had a different take on what they wanted to do, but each unique project is aimed at making a beneficial change.  

One group, made up of seniors Rhys Layton, Jenna Gilberg, Emily Rasmussen, Sue Dildine and Aysha Peery, decided to delve into the world of Special Olympic athletes. They made it their mission to put on a camp for Special Olympic athletes of all ages to play basketball. They are passionate about providing more opportunities for the athletes and are hoping that camps and events like this will become more popular and frequent.  

“We have all played basketball one time or another in our lives and love the sport, so we thought it would be cool to help others learn to play,” said Jenna Gilberg. “The event will be a way to spread awareness about this cause and hopefully make it more popular.” 

Many senior project groups decided to work with an organization that deals with activities that they themselves are passionate about. This group is planning that their event will be in the month of January but have not confirmed their date yet.  

“We are also planning on raising money in order to get specially-made shirts for all the participants,” said senior Rhys Layton. “We thought that giving them the shirts would make it more official and memorable.” 

Overall, this group of seniors is making an incredible impact in a community that does not get a lot of recognition. Finding ways to help groups that one is passionate about is one of the best ways to get involved and make a difference in a community.