Eagle High orchestra kicks off the new year with excitement


Carolyn Baird

The Eagle High orchestra performed their Christmas concert in the auditorium.

Valerie Chaves, Photographer

The Eagle High orchestra has started this year wonderfully. There are many changes, new implementations and new techniques that the students are incorporating to expand their knowledge. 

According to the students, it is a very interesting class, and it feels satisfying to being able to learn how to develop one’s instrument. For that reason, is preferable that students have a background in some instrument or music in general before entering the class. 

“It’s a very enjoyable class; there’s a lot of friendly people in there,” said senior Anna Franklin who plays the cello. “It feels satisfying and fulfilling making music, so just spending a little bit of time on it every day and focusing on it really helps the group if one tries to be involved.” 

Their last concert was the Christmas concert which they presented in the Eagle High auditorium in December. 

So far, orchestra concerts have been extremely entertaining according to the students, and with the new teacher Dawn Johnson, many things have changed. 

“Mrs. Johnson definitely knows what she’s talking about. She’s always helping, smiling and happy,” said sophomore Cora Huish, who plays the viola. “She makes the whole class feel so fun and never gets down.” 

The director is especially important. She marks the entry, exit and intonation of the instruments during a piece of music. She is the one who makes the orchestra sound and plays a big part in the entire musical process. 

“It’s been kind of hard just because of all the different teachers that everybody’s had before high school,” Franklin said. “Teachers have been changing around a lot, so there’s been a little bit of difference in learning levels entering high school, but she’s doing a really good job in helping everyone reach the same level.” 

The orchestra class is very dedicated and doesn’t require a lot of time, yet many students say that it feels good to nail a song. Although it is a bit underappreciated, the students do not let the beauty and fun of this art get lost.