Deck the halls with a new holiday movie

A spin on the classic Christmas movie is perfect for the holiday season


Liv Baker

The Eagle Luxe Reel Theatre has become a popular place to watch some of the best new movies since its opening in 2019.

For many people, Christmas is the best time of the year. There are many activities such as baking cookies and looking at Christmas lights, but one of the most popular is watching Christmas movies. Many of these movies are feel good movies. However, one Christmas movie that released recently is a movie called “Violent Night.” This comedy-horror is a fun film for many. “Violent Night” is a movie where Santa Claus fights mercenaries who have taken a wealthy family captive. 

This movie is a funny movie that is geared more toward high schoolers and an older audience. This movie is by no means a traditional Christmas movie. Many people were very intrigued when the “Violent Night” trailer came out. This was potentially the most anticipated Christmas movie of 2022.  

Santa Claus is played by movie star David Harbour. 

According to, “David Harbour makes a particularly good cranky, butt-kicking Santa, in a movie that offers the sort of shared experience that should bring theaters some much-needed cheer. 

“Violent Night” has been a hit so far amongst fans who went to see it. This movie is rated R, so students must either be an adult or have an adult with them. This movie is a very funny movie that will become a yearly classic for many people. So far, people have compared this movie to “Die Hard.” 

“This movie was super funny. I went and saw it with my dad, and we were both laughing super hard,” said sophomore Aaven McRoberts.  

McRoberts is not the only one who enjoyed this movie as countless others have been recommending the movie for all sorts of reasons. This movie is one that everyone should see if they are looking for a different take on a Christmas movie.