MLB free agents find their new team for the right price

The MLB off-season has lead to many new powerhouse teams


Olivia Baker

Baseball continues to be one of the most popular sports in America with many young players hoping to make it to the Major Leagues.

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

The MLB off-season is always full of crazy trades and free agent signings. This year is no exception. This may be the best free agent market of all-time. Many teams are looking to try and make a postseason push and get a World Series ring.  

There are many impact players that teams are eager to try and get their hands on. Some of these players include three-time Cy Young award winner Justin Verlander, two-time Cy Young award winner Jacob deGrom, star shortstop Trea Turner and reigning MVP Aaron Judge. All these players could change a franchise for the better. These are not the only free agents, though. There are other players such as Jose Abreu, Carlos Correa, Willson Contreras, Xander Bogaerts and Carlos Rodon. 

So far, a few of these free agents have signed. Former Met starting pitcher Jacob deGrom signed a five-year contract worth $185 million. He earns about $37 million a year.  

According to, “The deal shattered industry-wide expectations. The five-year package that reportedly includes a sixth-year option to bring the contract’s total value to $222 million. The contract reportedly does not include any deferred money and gives deGrom a full no-trade clause.”  

He is not the only free agent to sign. Although the Mets lost their ace in deGrom, they were able to gain a new ace in Justin Verlander. The Mets signed Verlander to a two year, 86-million-dollar deal. The Mets made it clear they meant business going after a big free agent like Verlander. The Mets also just signed Kodai Senga, a Japanese starting pitcher for five years, 75-million-dollar deal. 

Quite possibly the biggest signing was Aaron Judge. Judge, coming off an MVP season signed a nine year, 360-million-dollar deal. Judge was offered over 400 million to sign with the Padres but decided to stay with the Yankees. Although Judge was coming off on of the greatest regular seasons but only hit for a 0.139 average in the postseason. 

After losing out on Judge and Trea Turner, the Padres decided to go all out on star shortstop Xander Bogaerts. Bogaerts signed an 11-year, 280-million-dollar deal. San Diego is looking to win a World Series this year after adding Josh Hader and Juan Soto last year at the trade deadline as well as adding Bogaerts this year. 

The Chicago Cubs signed all-star shortstop Dansby Swanson. Swanson was drafted by the Atlanta Braves.  He signed a seven year 177-million-dollar deal. Swanson looks to bring hope to a team that missed out on playoffs last year. 

Another free agent who was signed was Jose Abreu. Abreu was signed to the Astros for a three year 58.5-million-dollar deal. Abreu won MVP in the 2020 shortened season. Abreu is coming off a season where he only hit 15 homeruns. Abreu is 35 years old but said he plans to work on his power during the off-season. 

Shortstop Carlos Correa had signed a 13 year, 350-million-dollar deal with the San Francisco Giants but this deal fell through due to a physical. He recently signed a 13 year, 315-million-dollar deal with the New York Mets. This deal is reported to be dramatically different after medical concerns. Correa started his career with the Houston Astros but signed with the Minnesota Twins last season. He was a gold glove finalist and decided to opt out of his deal to test the free agent market. Correa is a franchise player that will make an impact on any team he plays for. 

Star catcher Willson Contreras signed a five year, 87.5-million-dollar deal with the Cardinals. Contreras will fill the hole of catcher Yadier Molina who retired after this season. Contreras is a catcher who hits for power that will fit right in with the Cardinals’ lineup. 

Another free agent to sign was star shortstop Trea Turner. He signed an 11 year 300-million-dollar deal. Turner was reportedly offered over 350 million from the Padres but opted to sign with the Phillies. 

 According to, “It’s a huge signal from the Phillies front office that they’re in it to win it for the next decade, which rules.” The Phillies are going to go after a World Series after just falling short in 2022 to the Astros.