Eagle High students enjoyed winter break


Jessie Snooks

Many students spent winter break skiing with family and friends on all the fresh new snow that has been received.

Sophie Sampson, Media

Winter break was greatly anticipated by students at Eagle High. Temperatures were getting colder, snow was beginning to fall and memories were sure to be made.

Winter break was full of many adventures for junior Grace Rasmussen.

“First, my family and I went to McCall, Idaho where we had a time share at the World Mark. We went skiing and snowboarding while we were there,” she said.

McCall is a very popular place, where many students from Eagle High spend their time there on the weekends, especially in the summer.

After visiting McCall, Grace Rasmussen and her family went on a cruise in Mexico.

“We went on a zip line tour, hung out at the beach and got massages,” she said.

It is safe to say that Grace and her family did it all during this year’s winter break. Many memories were made as they soaked up the snow and the sun.

Since it is cold in Idaho during the winter time, students and their families love to vacation to somewhere that is sunny and warm for a change of temperature and scenery.

However, many students prefer to stay home to enjoy their time off of school.

“I spent time with my family and went skiing at Bogus. My grandparents also came in town,” said sophomore Anja Morgan.

Winter break is a great time for everyone to reconnect with old friends or spend time with family they don’t see as often.

“Over winter break, I got my wisdom teeth out,” Morgan said. By the time Morgan got back to school, nobody ever knew she got her wisdom teeth out.

Skiing and snowboarding were very popular activities over winter break. Bogus Basin is one of the most common resort students went to.

As the snow begins to fall, everyone should go sledding, enjoy some hot chocolate and most of all enjoy quality time with their families even after the break.