The season is off to a good start at Bogus Basin


Jessie Snooks

As Bogus Basin gets covered in snow, skiers and snowboarders are overjoyed because all of the lifts are open.

Ivan Warner, Photographer

As fall comes to an end, winter activities become more relevant and most people are ready for the ski and snowboard season to start. While most transition into the season of snow sports, most ski and snow resorts are starting to open for the season.  

One of the more popular ski and snowboard resorts that people like to go to from the Treasure Valley is Bogus Basin, located in Northeast Boise and opened in 1942. There are a total of seven chair lifts and four magic carpets. A magic carpet is a conveyer belt that is installed to the ground, and its purpose is to move people uphill without getting on a ski lift. 

According to, “The ski and snowboard resort occupies about 2,700 acres of land. Bogus Basin normally gets around 500,000 visitors during the ski and snowboard season.”  

Bogus Basin isn’t strictly for skiing and snowboarding, they also have a tubing hill for those who aren’t quite ready for skiing and snowboarding. Bogus Basin also has many different types of skiing and snowboarding, which consist of alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing and snowboarding and cross-country skiing and snowboarding. 

During the spring and summer, Bogus Basin opens up as a bike park. They have downhill mountain biking and cross-country biking. They also have a glade rail for those who aren’t big fans of biking.  

According to, as of Jan. 3, 2022, the top lift has gotten about five feet of snow. The bottom lift has also reached about five feet of snow, the middle lifts have gained about five feet of snow and the wind speeds have averaged between 15 to 21 mph.  

Many are ready for the ski and snowboard season, and as Bogus Basin opens, it looks like it will to be a great winter.