Family and friends gather for their annual festivities


Nelda Denton

Thanksgiving is an exciting time for many students. A common tradition is to get together with friends for dinner; many call it “Friendsgiving.”

Thanksgiving traditions have been around since the holiday started in 1621. Families gather around for some good homemade food, talk to relatives and spend quality time with their family. It is a holiday that people love, and students love it because of the break.

Thanksgiving traditions are always different; most people gather around with family and friends to just have a good time.

“I spend the holiday with my family and eat some good food,” said sophomore Danny Lemming. “I like that everyone comes together and spend the holidays with each other.”

Foods play a big part in the holiday; many people have the most famous dish: the turkey. There are many other dishes people eat, like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and stuffing. These foods have been a staple of Thanksgiving since the holiday has been around.

Some people also tune into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. It is held in New York City, and they mainly have floats and other performances while it is going on. Celebrities and other famous people like to come to the parade and have surprised showings there.

One of the Thanksgiving traditions that has been occurring quite recently is the NFL football games that happen over the holiday. The teams that mainly play in the game are the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders.

According to, “The league announced that the three Thanksgiving games (Bears-Lions, Raiders-Cowboys and Bills-Saints) averaged 29.7 million viewers, which was the highest average viewership for Thanksgiving games since 1998, when there were two games and those two also averaged 29.7 million.”

Thanksgiving is a great holiday to have fun and it’s an opportunity for families to come together and have a good time.