‘The World Will Know’ of the Newsies performance at Eagle High

The Fourth Wall Players put on a great show

The cast of “Newsies” performs spectacularly in the Eagle High Auditorium.

Julia Denton and Krista Karel

From Nov. 9 to Nov. 12, Eagle High’s drama department put on “Newsies” for the fall play. Newsies takes place in 1899 in New York City and follows the story of journalist Jack Kelly and reporter Katherine Plummer as Kelly forms a union and strikes against Joseph Pulitzer, the powerful, greedy publisher of the paper. 

The play is based on the true story of the 1899 Newsboys Strike, which makes this musical that much more inspiring.  

Watching this play felt magical. The cast and crew created a wonderful show that perfectly encompassed both passion and comedy.

“I thought that the production participating in a musical gave the show a new level of depth and interest which made it captivating for the whole running time,” said senior Katie Anderson. 

The play incorporated many fantastic musical numbers, including an iconic performance of “Seize The Day,” and a powerful scene of “Watch What Happens,” sung beautifully by senior Autumn Stephenson. 

Each scene was spectacularly well done, as were the costumes and background.

— Katie Anderson

“Each scene was spectacularly well done, as were the costumes and background,” Anderson said.

Crew members Kaylee Morton and Carina Teebken did an extraordinary job with costumes for the play. The outfits for the newsboys were perfect, and Medda Larkin, played by Marin Weaver, wore dresses that were nothing short of gorgeous. 

Senior McKay Larsen did an incredible job as the lead, Jack Kelly, and the whole audience could feel his passion radiate off the stage as he performed. 

The whole cast did a wonderful job on this play, including sophomore Abram Peery, who played Race and never failed to make the audience laugh. 

Thank you, The Fourth Wall Players, for creating such a magnificent performance that so many Eagle High students, parents and staff could enjoy. 


  • Jack Kelly – McKay Larsen 
  • Katherine Plummer – Autumn Stephenson 
  • Crutchie – Isaac Young 
  • Davey – Josh Bluth 
  • Les – Madalynn Ortiz 
  • Race – Abram Peery 
  • Spot Conlon – Carter Morgan 
  • Albert – Tewedros Klein 
  • Specs – Henry Wright 
  • Henry – Paul Fillmore 
  • Finch – EJ Harvey 
  • Romeo – Lincoln Swenson 
  • Elmer – Olivia Glisson 
  • Buttons – Ava Hosac 
  • Slasher – Tami Lin 
  • Tommy Boy – Taylor Abercrombie 
  • Scabs – Miriam Fillmore, Mikayla Herrera and Emma Stephens 
  • Wiesel – Mack Harvey 
  • Morris Delancy – Domenyk Denney 
  • Oscar Delancy – Cole McAdams 
  • Snyder – Lauren Avery 
  • Goons – Seth Millward and Benjamin Perkes 
  • Medda Larkin – Marin Weaver 
  • Bowery Beauties – Taylor Berggren, Miriam Fillmore, Mikayla Herrera, Emma Stephens and Izzy Walter 
  • Stage Manager – Cole McAdams 
  • Joseph Pulitzer – Seth Millward 
  • Seitz – Benjamin Perkes 
  • Bunsen – Cole McAdams 
  • Hannah – Izzy Walter 
  • Nunzio – Domenyk Denney 
  • Darcy – Domenyk Denney 
  • Bill – Cole McAdams 
  • Police Officers – Taylor Berggren and Izzy Walter 
  • Mayor – Paul Fillmore 
  • Gov. Teddy Roosevelt – Mack Harvey 
  • Nuns – Taylor Berggren, Izzy Walter and Marin Weaver 
  • Mrs. Jacobi – Taylor Berggren 
  • Man – Bradley Fischer 
  • Woman – Peyton Studer