Replacing greed with good deeds adds to the holiday magic

Donating is a great way to spread holiday cheer


Valerie Chaves

Donating during the holidays is one of the best ways to spread happiness and make someone’s season a little brighter.

Julia Denton, Reporter

Many people take for granted the privileges they have, even during the holiday season. There are countless ways for people to spread holiday cheer and give back to their communities. Helping and lending a hand to those who are in need of financial help during the holidays can have an unimaginable effect. Even just donating small amounts of food or money can help organizations put on holiday events that will have a hugely positive impact on those who need help.

Some of the most reliable and safe charities to donate to this year include the Salvation Army, any local food banks, homeless centers, the BookTrust, Toys for Tots and so many more. These organizations will ensure that every dollar donated is going towards helping people who are less fortunate and in need of assistance. The holiday season in its core is about giving to others and spreading happiness to everyone. It is easy to get caught up in getting new presents and material things that many people forget that there are so many people that have so little.

“I love giving back to my community during the holidays,” said senior Daphne Bothwell. “I like to see the difference that it can make for people, and how small acts can have a big impact.”

Bothwell is just one of many students who take part in community service clubs such as Key Club and National Honor Society. These clubs are great ways to get involved and give back to the school and community along with other students and trusted adults.

“I think donating is a great way to stay connected within my community, and part of celebrating the holidays is celebrating how blessed I am,” said senior Claire DeSilvia. “I am so lucky to have what I have and giving what I can back to my community shares this gift.”  There are so many people that take all the things and opportunities they have for granted. There is such a large number of people in this country that are simply hoping to find meals during this holiday season, that it is so easy to make a difference.

For Eagle High students, there are many options to help out just at school. For one, there is a Christmas tree in the main office with tags for students and staff to buy gifts for Eagle High families in need. There are also many students’ senior projects that one could contact for volunteer and community service opportunities.

Even just giving a small amount of money, volunteering one’s time or offering to make meals can have a huge impact on those who are in need. Hopefully, this holiday season, people will look at all that they have and decide to give some of it to those who need it most.