Staying active during winter is beneficial


Jessie Snooks

The Snooks family enjoys skiing together at Tamarack during the winter.

Julia Denton, Reporter

As the weather begins to get colder, it eliminates many of the options people have for staying active. Ensuring that one is getting good exercise is fundamental for both mental and physical health.

As winter approaches, many people fall victim to seasonal depression. Working out and staying active can be one of the best fixes for this.

According to,“Many doctors recommend that people with seasonal depression get outside early in the morning to get more natural light.” Simply getting outside and going for a short walk can be a game changer to one’s health during the colder months.

Some of the more common ways that people stay active when it gets cold outside include getting a gym membership, going for walks or doing at-home workouts. While these are all great methods, some of the more unknown routes can include getting a tennis club membership where one can play tennis and pickleball indoors, joining an indoor sports league or even just taking a short brisk walk or run through the cold weather. By making time for these activities even though everyone just wants to curl up and watch movies when it gets cold, it can make amazingly positive changes in one’s day-to-day life.

“I stay active during winter by playing basketball and going to the gym,” said senior Emily Rasmussen. “It allows me to keep my mind off other things and gives me a break from stress.” Working out and staying active during the winter months can be extremely beneficial both mentally and physically.