Finals should be before winter break


Sean Asay

Many students believe finals should take place prior to winter break.

Jacob Roberson, Reporter

Many schools have finals before winter break, but Eagle High is not one of them. Many people believe that this leads to students forgetting what is on the test causing students to get bad test scores. 

“I like finals being after break due to the fact that it lets me not be stressed the week before break,” said sophomore Alexis Gonzalez. 

This is one positive of the break being before finals. In a perfect world, having finals after the holidays would be great. Everyone would have time to study but that is just not the case. Many students travel over break to see family or just go on vacation. Also, many students won’t want to study on their break.  

Studying is an activity that the majority of students do not enjoy. It helps with grades but isn’t exactly something fun. Finals being after break leads to students not getting repetition of the activities they need to pass the test or obtain the grade they hoped for. 

According to, Finals should be before winter break. The material that is covered on the final would be fresher in everyone’s minds.”  

Having finals before break would allow students to unwind over winter break, hang out with friends and forget about school for a little while. When finals are before break, students get to relax and not worry about school.  

During winter break, students will be able to focus on the things that matter most such as family, friends and whatever else is important to them.