It is never too early to celebrate Christmas


Helen Blodgett

Whether someone begins celebrating Christmas before or after Thanksgiving, the tree located at The Village at Meridian is sure to inspire some holiday spirit.

Sydnee Seeley, Copy Editor

Christmas is a holiday that brings joy to people around the world. For some, the Christmas spirit is so high they start celebrating the holiday months out from Dec. 25. The question is: how early is too early?  

Some families celebrate right after Halloween, and others wait until Dec. 1 or even later. Many say that celebrating the holiday too early can take away from Thanksgiving or the whole month of November.  

“Yes, we should celebrate early, after Halloween, that is. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so it deserves its own time, but right after that, it is Christmas. Christmas brings so much joy to many, so who wouldn’t want to celebrate early?” said sophomore Samantha Gorman. 

Halloween is a popular holiday that takes place in October. Celebrating Christmas before Oct. 31 can be too early for some, especially when fall has barely started and the stores are filled with Halloween costumes and decorations. Although, right after Halloween, the Christmas spirit begins to fill homes.  

“From the lights to the shopping, baking, listening to music and seeing family and friends, it truly is the best time of the year,” Gorman said. 

On the other hand, if Christmas is celebrated too early, it can interrupt the month of November and Thanksgiving. In the Treasure Valley, November is still the peak of fall, the leaves are still falling and changing color and the temperature outside is warm. Few believe that Christmas does not start until fall is officially over and Thanksgiving has been celebrated. 

“Christmas has its time and place. It drains the Christmas magic and especially when it is not cold or snowing outside. It also interrupts Thanksgiving when it’s celebrated too early. I love Christmas, but I want to build up the excitement of the most wonderful time of year,” said sophomore Ava Clark. 

Christmas should be celebrated early because it’s a holiday that brings happiness to people who celebrate it. No matter how old or young one is, the feeling of Christmas brings love and joy to everyone. It is never too early to celebrate Christmas, though some might celebrate before the feeling is in the air. Feeling happy is what every person wants, and Christmas is an easy way to make one happy.