Eagle High students have many wishes this Christmas

Brady Woods, Reporter

Christmas is widely considered the best time of the year, with snow, hot chocolate and presents. Students from Eagle High are all asking for exciting gifts this year, in hopes of receiving them on Christmas Day. The following students shared their wishes:

Students get their wish list ready for what they want under the tree when they wake up on Christmas morning. (Jessie Snooks)

Junior Cole Johnson: Nike clothes and a pair of shoes

Senior Brecken Hardy: Vinyl for her record player

Freshman Paxton Modjeski: Xbox

Junior Zach Shipp: Golf clubs

Senior Bess Moore: Record player

Sophomore Andrew Palfreyman: Basketball shoes

Sophomore Mason Mitchell: Boston Celtics jersey

Junior Rhett Brown: Climbing shoes and climbing chalk bag

Junior Grace Rasmussen: Car

Senior Alex Moore: Clothes and shoes

Junior Ashton Smith: Pair of skis

Senior Cameron Lane: Boots and camo stuff for hunting

Sophomore Beau Sahr: Golf shoes and a golf bag

Senior Jake Longson: Ski boots, clothes and a beanie

Senior Scott Pattee: Moped and clothes

Junior Brennan Burcham: Hoodies, shoes and a car

Senior Dominic Grossi: Columbia clothes and Birkenstocks

Freshman Abby Shipp: Clothes and ski gear

Senior Aaron Jeppson: Car and a PS5

Junior Lily Shipp: Tickets to a concert

Junior Hudson Vanalfen: Basketball shoes and other basketball gear, clothes and tickets to a basketball game