Pickleball could be the fastest growing sport in the world  


Kamden Hurren

Pickleball has grown largely in popularity over the last few years.

When people think of pickleball, they can easily imagine it being an “old person” sport, but recently it has been growing in popularity everywhere, and it’s attracting all ages old and young to come and play. 

Pickleball is a new sport to the scene and it’s a mix of tennis and ping-pong. It’s an easy sport to learn, and people try to beat all their friends. 

Eagle High has multiple students that enjoy the sport of Pickleball. Senior Cooper Modjeski has enjoyed the sport ever since he first started playing. 

“It was such an easy sport to pick up and have fun with,” Modjeski said.

Anyone is capable of picking up a paddle to start playing. Take junior Ashton Smith, for example, a current Eagle High varsity tennis player who picked up a paddle and has a blast playing. 

“When I first played, I absolutely destroyed my parents. It’s one of the best feelings in any sport,” said Smith.

Pickleball can easily be found being played around the world. The sport has been growing, and, in 2021, pickleball got its own major league called MLP. 

With pickleball being a new sport, not everyone has found a total interest in it, but this won’t stop famous basketball players like Lebron James, Draymond Green and Kevin Love from investing in the MLP.  

Students at Eagle High love playing pickleball with their friends in their spare time. (Kamden Hurren)

In Eagle, Pickleball can be played indoor and outdoor, and students can find courts in neighborhoods or at the local YMCA. 

Pickleball will continue to rise in popularity as it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.