This performance made Mustang history

The Eagle High Thundering Mustang Band takes home a multitude of trophies at Districts

Students of the Eagle High Thundering Mustang Band had been practicing for over three months for this very moment: districts. The sweepstakes trophy has not been held by a West Ada school in over 20 years. During last year’s marching season, they had won all the titles in their caption but were runner ups for the district three sweepstakes champion award. Everyone hoped that this year would be different, but they wouldn’t know until later that Saturday night. 

Their first performance in the competition started off with the 5A-Small Division around 2:38 p.m. After their performance, they patiently waited and watched the other schools in the 5A-Small division along with a stunning performance put on by the Blue Thunder Marching Band from Boise State.   

At around 5:10, nine Eagle High band members were sent onto the famous blue turf to accept awards and find out if they were in the running for the district three sweepstakes champion award, and if they got into the top 12, they would find out when their last performance of the night would be. 

The band ended up winning all the awards for their division. These included Best Music Performance, Best Visual Performance, Best General Effect, Best Percussion and Best Auxiliary (color guard).  With these awards, they were in the first-place position, performing at around 9:45 p.m., right before the announcement of the sweepstakes winners. After performing, they pushed their equipment off to the side and waited for the results. 

“And finally, the traveling championship trophy and commemorable plaque, goes to this year’s district three marching band competition winner, Eagle,” said the announcer. The Eagle High band members erupted into applause. 

“We did it,” was the sentiment; this was their moment. 

After the announcer concluded the competition, all the band members in the stands came running out onto the field to see the prize they won. All the hard work that everyone had put into their performances paid off. Tears were shed, hugs were given and photos were taken of this moment that teacher and band director Mr. Erikson and the band members had been hoping. The Eagle High name will be added onto the traveling trophy and will remain in the band room until the next marching season. It leaves people wondering what the marching band will do next season and how will they keep that traveling trophy for another year.