‘Newsies’ hits the stage at Eagle High

Get ready to ‘Seize The Day’ on Nov. 9 


Chance VanNoy

The cast of “Newsies” is ready to put on an unstoppable performance in the Eagle High auditorium.

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor

The award-winning musical “Newsies” is coming to Eagle High. Get ready to meet the ragamuffin team of newspaper boys singing, dancing and risking their lives in this lively musical. 

“Newsies” will be the latest show coming out of Eagle High’s acting department under the direction of teacher Tracy Harrison.  

“Newsies is actually a historical musical about the Newsies strike in New York at the turn of the century,” Harrison said. “We haven’t done a musical in a long time. It’s great fun.” 

The “Newsies” are poor, young orphan boys who make their living by selling newspapers on the street. The musical follows Jack Kelly, a rambunctious leader and young criminal that all the Newsies look up to. The lead role of Jack Kelly is being played by senior McKay Larson.  

“Newsies is my favorite musical; it always has been ever since I saw it,” Larson said. “[When I got Jack] I was super excited, I started crying because it’s my dream role, so it was a really good day.” 

Putting together a musical of this size can be challenging, but the cast is working hard to make this an amazing show.  

“It’s a lot of work, especially for a musical,” Larson said. “There’s a lot of singing and dancing [and] the lines have to be in time with the music… so it’s a lot of rehearsal hours, and it’s a lot of work outside of the rehearsal as well.” 

The other lead role in the musical is Katherine Plumber, an eager and up-and-coming writer who’s documenting the Newsies strike, as well as being Jack Kelly’s love interest. This role is played by senior Autumn Stephenson.  

“[Katherine is] fun; she’s kind of a firecracker,” Stephenson said. “She’s headstrong… and she’s able to work hard and get what the Newsies need done.” 

Larson and Stephenson are just two out of the 30-person cast that are working hard every day after school to make the show spectacular. 

 “The cast is super fun,” Stephenson said. “Everyone is really open and willing to talk to everybody and give pointers and work hard.” 

“It’s great fun to tell the stories of humanity and to work with such an awesome cast of energetic and talented, oh-so-talented students.” Harrison said.  

“Newsies” has a lot of dancing, singing and acting that requires everyone to be involved, focused and ready to “Seize The Day” every day.  

“Newsies” will be performing in the Eagle High School Auditorium on Nov. 9 through Nov. 12 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. with an intermission.