The new U.S. history student teacher at Eagle High loves his job


Aaron Farfan

Student teacher Jason Ruhl enjoys sharing his knowledge of history with Eagle High students.

Aaron Farfan, Reporter

As the years go by, schools goes through changes. These include adding new policies, new rules and sometimes new teachers. This year at Eagle High, there are many new teachers. One of those is a student teacher and his name is Jason Ruhl. 

Ruhl is a U.S. history student teacher at Eagle High. This is the first year being a student teacher. He teaches 10th grade. 

“My interest of teaching really started and sparked for me in college; I was exploring different subjects and what to do,” said Ruhl. “I also excelled at history.” 

Ruhl’s interest in history started when he was very young. He has been interested in history for most of his life, but space has also interested him.  

“There is this one class I enjoyed; I also had an interest in politics too,” Ruhl said. “The class I took in college was about relationships between Afghanistan, Iran and America.” 

The history of the middle east is interesting to Ruhl, but he also likes learning about ancient civilizations. 

When it comes to working as a student teacher at Eagle High, Ruhl enjoys the school.  

“It would probably just be the environment. The kids are really interesting and fun, the kids here are awesome,” Ruhl said. “I have also had a really positive experience with the staff.” 

Ruhl plans of teaching for the rest of his life.  

“I have an interest to get in exploring and using the idea of teaching as a way to propel myself into other fields,” Ruhl said. 

When it comes to U.S. history, Ruhl thinks that certain events are key impacts to the U.S. and the world.  

“In terms of American history, I think the most important events were the Civil War and the Revolutionary War,” said Ruhl. “I think it did not only impact how the world would change, but also how we act.” 

Hopefully, Ruhl will continue to stay at Eagle High and continue on his path of dreams in life.