Eagle High students dress up to get in Halloween spirit 


Jessie Snooks

Eagle High students get dressed up for Halloween to be festive for the holiday. Students find different ways to be celebrate Halloween now that they are older.

Dressing up for Halloween has always been a highlight of the holiday. As students get older, they still want to be festive in the Halloween season. Since students are too old to trick-or-treat, dressing up is a way to continue to stay in spirit. It is something fun to plan leading up for the day of Halloween. Eagle High students have unique ways of dressing up.  

“My favorite costume I have dressed up as was when I was nine; I was a robber. In the future, I want to dress up like ‘Mean Girls’ with my friends,” said freshman Abigail Shipp. “I like to dress up with friends because it makes the holiday a little more fun. I also like seeing others costumes to give me ideas for the following years.” 

One way to make dressing up more fun is doing it with friends. Getting together to plan the outfits and then wearing them is a fun way to celebrate.  

“I have been a morph suit every year since I was eight. It is just the easiest costume to do. Even though I have done it a lot, I always get comments on how cool it is every year,” said sophomore Andrew Palferyman. “This year, I want to do an inflatable suit of a sumo wrestler. I think it would look very cool. I like dressing up since I am too old to trick-or-treat.” 

As one gets older, Halloween can seem boring. Dressing up can be fun and bring enjoyment to the holiday.  

“When I was eight, I was a ninja. I liked it because I got to act like one for the whole night. This year I want to be Frankenstein,” said senior Garett Hobbs. “I dress up to be festive and it makes it more fun.” 

Dressing up can be fun. One gets to act like their character for the whole night, and it is exciting to think of costumes and get to act like them. 

Costumes like sumo wrestlers and Frankenstein are popular costume ideas this year. (Elizabeth Martin and Audrey Splaine)

“Last year, me and friends did ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ At some point I want to be a blow up T-Rex,” said junior Grace Rasmussen. “I like to dress up because it is a fun thing to do with friends. It also makes up for not being able to trick-or-treat.” 

Dressing up for Halloween is an exciting way to be festive for the holiday. Teens usually have grown out of trick-or-treating and feel bored on Halloween. Dressing up gives them something exciting that comes with the holiday. Eagle High students have creative ways to be festive on Halloween.