Students and teachers love these fan favorite movies


Avery Hassman

Get cozy and enjoy Halloween movie classics like Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Brady Woods, Reporter

October is home to some of the greatest, scary Halloween movies ever made. These flicks create controversy between the best movie to watch during the Halloween season. From movies like “A Quiet Place,” “Get Out” and “Scream,” there are many movies to pick for a scare. 

“‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is my favorite. It brings back memories of when I was young, and the cartoon look is super cool,” said senior Aaron Jeppson.

According to, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a story about Jack Skellington who every year throws a celebration for Halloween, but after visiting Christmas Town, becomes obsessed with Christmas and attempts to take over it with the help of his Halloween city.” This movie has everything from skeletons to mad scientists and animation that kids and adults love. It sends a good message about branching out with one’s interests and trying new things. 

One of Eagle High’s teachers has a different opinion on what is the best movie to watch during October.  

“Beetlejuice is my favorite, because it is funny and creepy,” said teacher Molly Bell. “Beetlejuice” is a movie about a couple dying and coming back to haunt their old house as ghosts and seek the help of Beetlejuice to rid their old home of the new owners. At the time of release, “Beetlejuice” was a huge success due to the comedy and horror aspects of the movie. With a cast featuring big names like Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin, the chances of failure with this movie were low. “Beetlejuice” delivers with scares that satisfy horror movie junkies and jokes to put watchers at ease.  

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ has Christmas in the name, so that doesn’t count, and ‘Beetlejuice’ isn’t scary. The best Halloween movie is ‘Hubie Halloween.’ Adam Sandler’s performance is the best acting job he has ever done,” said senior Cooper Modjeski.  

“Hubie Halloween,” which was released in 2020 is a movie about neglected Hubie Dubois, who has a heart of gold and just wants to help his town stay safe on Halloween night. Hubie is an easy target for bullies and is constantly picked on for trying to do the right thing. When Hubie’s new neighbor moves in before Halloween, kidnappings start to occur, and Hubie decides to save the kidnapped people and his town. Hubie Halloween is believed to be an overly silly and non-scary movie, but sometimes that is the best kind of movie directed for young kids and people who get easily scared.  

With hundreds of Halloween movies, there will never be one that is the best. With varying types of movies like “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Beetlejuice” and “Hubie Halloween,” it is hard to pick the best of the best. Out of the hundreds that have released, it is all left to personal opinion.