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Intramural Sports gives students the opportunity to play more sports just for fun.

Intramural sports would be a great addition to Eagle High

Krista Karel, Copy Editor March 15, 2023

Many students at Eagle High participate in the various athletics provided. However, there are many people who would like to participate in these sports but without having the pressure of a varsity, extramural...

Unlike movies where everyone sees the same thing, books allow the readers to visualize scenes, which leaves more room for imagination.

Are books better than movies?

Valerie Chaves, Photographer March 15, 2023

Movies have always been thought to be more dominant and entertaining than books, and there has always been a discussion about which is better: books or movies? Of course, each person has a different point...

Boise State is one of the many colleges that offers higher level classes through Eagle High for students who would like to prepare for college while still in high school.

Students are not getting enough out of high school

Aidan Mattingly, Media March 15, 2023

Whether someone powers through their senior year of high school to achieve excellent academic recognition or counts down the days until graduation, everyone will go somewhere after high school.  College...

After many long hours of practice, Eagle High’s Drama Department put on their performance of “You Can’t Take It With You” from Feb. 22-Feb. 25.

Eagle High’s latest school play was a success

Sophie Sampson, Media February 28, 2023

Eagle High’s second school play opened on Feb. 22 and ran through Feb. 25.  “You Can’t Take it with You” was the latest performance, and contained 19 cast members of all grade levels. shows Feb....

The Last of Us has turned into one of the best TV shows out right now.

‘The Last of Us’ T.V. show is a smash-hit with Eagle High students

Cole McAdams, Copy Editor February 28, 2023

The first episode of the recently esteemed show by HBO Max, “The Last of Us,” opens with scientists explaining that due to the rapid increase of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, dangerous species...

Early this year, Disney brought back the hit show  “Phineas and Ferb.”

There will be another 104 days of summer vacation

Will Colvin, Editor February 28, 2023

One of the funniest, most brilliant and loved shows is getting a revival on Disney+. “Phineas and Ferb,” a show about two brothers who spent their summer building crazy rides and inventions with their...

Many students and teachers sat down on Superbowl Sunday to see Rihanna perform for the first time in four years. All were in awe of her dancing and announcing her pregnancy.

Rihanna blew the roof off with her electrifying Super Bowl Halftime show

Jacob Roberson, Reporter February 28, 2023

Every year, many people look forward to the Super Bowl. Some are super excited for the game, others the commercials, but, quite possibly, the most memorable thing each year is the halftime show.   The...

February Playlist: a trip back to Summer 2022

February Playlist: a trip back to Summer 2022

Avery Hassman, Photographer February 28, 2023

As the year drags on, it can be hard not to think of the amazing memories of Summer 2022. Many of these moments can often be associated with music. Here is a list of 50 songs that allow us to reminisce...

Students can attend these concerts at the Revolution Concert House and Event Center in Garden City.

Many great musicians are coming to Boise to lift spirits and rock out

Laura Ford, Media February 28, 2023

Many exciting artists are coming to perform for Boise in the following months. Here are the five best up and coming concerts to look forward to.   Old Dominion  Old Dominion is an American country...

i-Ready tests can take up to one to three hours to fully complete.

Are i-Ready tests worth the time?

Kara Skiles, Photographer February 1, 2023

Since 2021, a new version of tests known as i-Ready tests have been given to freshman, sophomores and juniors. Those who were sophomores last year were told to take these tests, and it was the only time...

Lottery tickets are sold at almost every gas station and family market.

Is the lottery rigged?

Kamden Hurren, Reporter February 1, 2023

The lottery is the ultimate “fool’s gold” because people always feel like they can win but they can never win by scratching tickets to become a hopeful billionare.  A major scandal recently rocked...

Students have differing opinions on the benefit of the added class period.

Advisory did not work

Aren Monk, Photographer February 1, 2023

Advisory at Eagle High is not working. The kids that go to advisory and do what they are told either work on late work or just sit in the class for 20 minutes.   Most students don’t like advisory....

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